When the average person finds themselves locked out of their car or home, they normally don’t care about the background of whoever is helping them out; they just want it done and they want it done soon. They’ll call the first locksmith they see and won’t think twice about it. If, however, you are looking to find a locksmith to take care of your home security or install good quality locks in your area of business, then you’re going to need to be more discerning with who you work with. Here are a few things to remember when doing a background check on a locksmith. Where I am from in Flushing, NY, Locksmiths can often be illegal immigrants which is another thing to worry about. to see if he’d be worth entrusting your personal security to.

School Degree:

Unless your hire a freelance locksmith most companies  in the lock trade from Mul-T-Lock to Kwikset require their locksmiths to have finished school before they begin taking them on as apprentices (more on that later).

Vocational school:

A lot of locksmiths receive their initial training at a vocational school. This includes courses with a strong focus on engineering, physics, and math. As technology grows, so do our locks. Any aspiring locksmith has a lot to learn before they can get certified to break into your home or automobile.


Majority of states including my home town of NY require locksmiths to be certified before offering their services. You’ve got to be sure that the man or woman you hire is completely capable of what you are paying them to do. A certified locksmith where I live in Flushing must have a working knowledge of various locks, keys, and any technology related to it and a certificate to prove it.


This is where a locksmith’s training really begins. All the things they have to learn and hone is usually done through practice, and what better way to practice than to do their job along with a more experience locksmith. It’s a very skilled craft that can only really be learned while on the job. There are various situations that locksmiths will have to deal with that cannot be trained for any other way. An apprenticeship can last for one year but can last for much longer depending on the company and on the individual.

Bonus mention:

When you are trying to find a locksmith be sure that you get one that is insured. No matter how seasoned your locksmith is, accidents can happen and breakages, although rare, can be costly. If a locksmith is insured, whatever they break or damage will be covered by their insurance.  In conclusion, follow these steps and you'll be flushing away your concerns about hiring a locksmith in no time.

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